About us

A Family History of Farming

The Dobson family have been farming in Carlton Since 1815, and in the early years the farm had livestock as well as crops.

The farm served the local community with vegetables for over five generations and, as the farm grew in size, it supplied the local markets, the national markets and then the supermarkets.

The buildings which now form the farm shop were used to house the cows in the olden days when this type of barn was known as a mistal. The cows were housed on the ground floor and the straw and hay being stored above. John Edward Dobson forced some of the first ever Yorkshire rhubarb in the hay loft above the cows, using the rising heat from the cows to force the rhubarb and bring it to market early. In later years the rhubarb was moved to purpose-built sheds and heated by coal, the cows were replaced by pigs and the pigs were later replaced by hens. In recent times the buildings became unsuitable for modern-day agriculture and have been virtually empty for several years, being used only for packaging materials for vegetables.

Simon Dobson, and his management team felt it was quite fitting that the buildings should be refurbished and used to sell meats and dairy products and, as they played such a major part in the history of Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb, we decided to call it The Rhubarb Triangle Farm Shop.

We now sell produce from the farm, and other goods either grown or produced in Yorkshire, with a focus on value and friendly service and to offer a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.